Trademark Registration Certificate Granted for Softgiving, Inc.

We discussed the typical needs for filing an amendment to allege use and discovered their website qualified.

Location: U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)

Verdict: Trademark Registration Certificate Issued

Our client, Softgiving, Inc., filed an application to register their trademark. It was originally filed as an intent to use basis, and the client had received a notice of allowance.

The only hold for our client was to file an amendment to allege use of the trademark and submit a specimen.

They believed they did not have sufficient documents and had been filing extension requests.

We discussed with the client the typical needs for filing an amendment to allege use, and we discovered that they had a website that qualified as an appropriate specimen for the US Patent and Trademark Office purposes and given the nature of the service class in their application.

Even though the application started in 2017, we were able to file the amendment to allege use and the specimen.

After our filings with the USPTO, the USPTO accepted our statement of use and issued the registration certificate for the client.

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