Cancellation of Removal for Single Father

We recently resolved a case for a single father whose young son was a U.S. citizen who would suffer immensely should his father be deported.

Location: Arlington Immigration Court

Verdict: Cancellation of Removal Granted

Client’s adult-aged daughter came to us after client had been detained.

Client is a single father whose young son is a US citizen. The client’s son had displayed behavioral and developmental problems that were being cared for by the client and that had been exacerbated by the detention of the client.

Client’s son had been forced to live with his sister who was struggling to maintain her own life and care for her brother.

We recognized that client met the narrow qualifications for a process known as Cancellation of Removal.

He had lived in the US for a long time with no significant criminal record and had a US citizen child who would suffer immensely if the client were removed from the United States.

This required us to gather evidence of his time in the United States, his criminal record and the problems his son would suffer, all while the client remained in detention.

The client’s daughter took her brother to a therapist who submitted a written report and then testified in person to the deleterious effects that would be possible if the client were removed.

The Immigration Judge decided that the client had met his burden as to all requirements to be granted Cancellation of Removal.

As a result, the client is able to remain in the United States as a permanent resident.

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